DOT Collector Training (Alcohol)

DOT – Certified           $440.00

Become a DOT certified Breath Alcohol Technician in this brief but comprehensive training course on measuring Breath Alcohol Concentration (BAC) for DOT regulated employees. Whether you want to be the first technician on the scene to an accident or if you want to simply add alcohol screening and confirmation to your laundry list of testing services, this course will prepare you for success in the field.

The course includes:

  • All requirements for training on DOT rules and regulations and best practices for collection
  • Training on the strict procedures required for appropriate and flawless testing practices
  • A thorough explanation and interpretation of the different types of devices approved for DOT screening and confirmation

This course is designed for:

  • New Breath Alcohol Technicians
  • Refresher Training for Breath Alcohol Technicians

Course Instructor:

Dawn Auberry

15 + years in the HR and Drug/Alcohol field

DOT Collection Certified Instructor